In my practice I use nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modification to aid in:

  • Blood sugar support
  • Digestion and gut health management
  • Adrenal health and energy maintenance
  • Mood and cognition
  • Candida, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and heavy metal cleanses (I also offer basic, seasonal whole-body cleanses throughout the year)
  • Thyroid balance
  • Sports nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management/meditation/mindfulness practice
  • Sleep

Here is what you can expect from consulting with me to help achieve your health and wellness goals:

  • 7-30 day menu plans catered to your specific dietary needs including ‘dine-out’ guides (Every ‘Comprehensive’ consultation)
  • Grocery shop lists that correspond with your menu plans and food recommendations.  (Every consultation)
  • Full diet analysis complete with caloric, macro-and micronutrients as well as omega-3 to omega-6 ratios and food recommendations for any nutrients lacking in your current diet.  (Follow-up  ‘Comprehensive’ consultations)
  • Genetic testing with personalized nutrition recommendations (this is a semi-new area of research known as nutrigenomics)  (Follow-up ‘Comprehensive’ consultations)
  • Access to high-quality supplements and ‘functional foods’.  (Every consultation)
  • Lab recommendations and interpretations  (Every consultation)
  • Grocery store tour guide + shopping lists  (This service is extra, please see below)
  • Detoxification courses  (This service is extra, please see below)
  • How to stock your refrigerator and pantry + meal plans  (This service is extra, please see below)
  • Follow-up surveys and symptom score tracking as a more comprehensive tool to recognize progress.  (Follow-up consultations)
  • Unlimited e-mail support between consultations to help keep you set up for success, and better suited to achieve your goals!  (Every consultation)


  • FREE 20-minute phone consult to answer any questions that may come up and ultimately to see if I am the right fit for you.  If you feel that I will be capable of helping you obtain your goals for better health and optimal wellness then I will e-mail you the initial intake forms and we will get started!
  • FIRST VISIT COMPREHENSIVE (90 minutes): If you are looking for dietary protocols that correspond to specific conditions, then I do recommend going with this program.  The first visit we will go over your initial intake forms, and any labs brought in to interpret.  We will go over what your diet current looks like, as well as what you have tried prior to your visit.  I will offer lab and supplement recommendations, begin first-step diet and action plan (7-day menu plan example, grocery lists, recipes, supplements, labs) and depending on your symptoms and intake may offer disease-specific questionnaires.  You will leave with a customized menu and supplement plan, possible lab(s) and my 7-day diet diary/symptom track template.  We will typically schedule your second appointment 1 month out to help better track your progress and troubleshoot any potential issues or areas of concern.  ($125)
  • FIRST VISIT BASIC (60 minutes):  If you are new to nutrition and just want some guidance on how to clean up your current diet, then I definitely recommend starting off with this program.  It won’t be as in depth as the comprehensive program, but you will definitely still benefit!  After going over the intake and what your current diet looks like, I will begin showing you how to implement these guidelines into everyday routine.  You will receive recipes, example menu plans, grocery shop lists, resources on how to shop while on a budget, a list of the latest health-related smartphone apps and support groups to add to your tool-kit, as well as supplement and lab recommendations. These nutrition protocols will vary based on the individual and their particular circumstance.  Do not fear: I will always meet you where you are at and at an appropriate pace for you and your individual circumstance.  My philosophy is to set you up for success, not for failure.  You don’t learn to swim by jumping off the high dive into the deep end 🙂  I am very confident I will get the results you are seeking while giving you enough tools and resources to make it as stress-free, painless and convenient as possible!  It will still be an adjustment, that’s for sure.  So don’t expect to not make any lifestyle changes, but I will equip you with tools and tips to help you adapt and accept these changes more promptly.   ($75)
  • FOLLOW-UP VISITS COMPREHENSIVE (60 minutes):  We will review your 7-day diet journal and symptoms (which should be e-mailed to me one week prior to visit) and I will have a full diet analysis (including calories, macro-and micro-nutrients, omega-3/omega-6 ratio, etc.) based on the information you logged.  I will then continue to offer  supplement and lab recommendations (and/or lab evaluations) based on your symptoms and individual circumstance, another 7-day menu plan with a grocery store shopping list, and a follow-up survey to track your symptoms and progress.  ($75)
  • FOLLOW-UP VISITS BASIC (60 minutes):  We will review how your individualized nutrition protocol is going and make any adjustments that may be necessary to help you reach your personal goals faster.   I will continue offering you additional recipes, menu plans, grocery lists and supplement/lab recommendations.  You will also receive nutritional support based on any recent lab markers you bring in as well.   ($40)

Extra services and package deals:

  • How to stock your refrigerator and pantry + meal plans  ($75)
  • Grocery shop tour + grocery lists  ($75)
  • 14-day seasonal detox  ($75 + detox supplements)  Note: The dietary recommendations alone will yield you benefit so don’t feel like the supplements are required.  However, they can ramp up our detoxification pathways and speed things up.
  • All three for ($175 + detox supplements)  A $50 savings!
  • 3-session general package (3.5 hours) for ($225)  A $50 savings!
  • Additional 7-day menu plans  ($40)
  • 1-month worth of daily menu plans  ($120) 

There is no better investment than your health and quality of life.  Benjamin Franklin put it best when he said; “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Call for your free phone consultation today, and let’s see if we can navigate you to your path of prevention, and your way to wellness!

Phone: (720) 371-1934



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