These are some of my favorite online resources for anything nutrition and holistic health related currently:


Chris Kresser is good research blog, and he’s fantastic in the way that he shares information, so this is a good one for friends and family who may not be that astute with nutrition or research principles:


“Authority Nutrition” is another good one to share with friends and family who aren’t big into nutrition and health.  It’s concise, it’s digestible (pun intended), but keen on citing peer-reviewed research to back their claims:


If you love mechanisms, and the scientific “nitty-gritty” on why nutrition is relevant and what nutrients are doing inside of us at the cellular level, then check out Chris Masterjohn PhD’s work over at:


For more on mechanisms and the biochemical aspects of nutrition, I love Dr. Rhonda Patrick as well:


I love reading research articles, and if you do too then I would check out Stephan Guyenet PhDs blog over at:


I would have to say that Ray Peat PhDs blog is probably one of my favorites.  It’s objective, it’s historic, it’s artistic, and it’s philosophical.  He touches on so many categories that go beyond nutrition, but manages to tie them altogether.  He’s one of my favorites:



  • “Dr. Ruscio Radio” with Dr. Michael Ruscio (one of my favorites as of late)
  • “STEM Talk”
  • “Psychology of Eating Podcast” with Marc David and Emily Rosen
  • “High Intensity Health Radio” with Mike Mutzel MSc.
  • “Evolution of Medicine Podcast”
  • “Revolution Health Radio” with Chris Kresser
  • “Mastering Nutrition” with Chris Masterjohn PhD.
  • “Found My Fitness Podcast” with Dr. Rhonda Patrick
  • “The Paleo Solution” with Robb Wolf
  • “Bulletproof Radio” with Dave Asprey
  • “Phoenix Helix Podcast”
  • “Generative Energy Podcast” with Danny Roddy